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Years of Industry and Working Experience

We are an Innovative Pioneering Company in our Industry

Power Elektronik has been operating in Turkey since 1999, headquartered in Istanbul Ümraniye, together with its affiliated companies in the Power Group. It designs, manufactures, assembles, and sells UPS, rectifiers, inverters, converters, static and servo regulators, STS, electric vehicle chargers, energy storage, solar PV inverters, and other special products in the field of power electronics. In addition, Power Elektronik has branches in Holland and Germany, and continues to operate with its R&D center certification from the Ministry of Industry and business licenses from EPDK for charging stations and for manufacturing, assembly, and design of its products. It provides 24/7 technical service throughout Turkey and in Europe with its offices in Germany and Holland. Also, Power Elektronik A.Ş., which is a Group company, has been active in solar EPC, engineering, consulting, project, and solar material sales since 2012 with its subsidiary Power Solar Enerji A.Ş.

Why You Should Choose Us

We are based on the idea of sustainability in all services we offer.

  • Testing and Verification

    Power Elektronik R&D Center has an excellent infrastructure that can perform all product and process verifications from the assembled product level to independent components.

  • Research & Development

    All conceptual design, simulation and project management stages of the new product design process are carried out by experienced specialist personnel at the Power Elektronik R&D Center.

  • Intellectual Rights

    One of the main goals of the Power Elektronik R&D Center is to continuously develop its intellectual property portfolio by producing projects that create added value and include innovative ideas.

About Us

SINCE 1999 01

Beginning 23 years ago, Power Elektronik still continues to expand each day. Today, we serve more than 30 product groups. 


to be a future-oriented, leading company in the industry


to produce safe, sufficient, economical, high-quality products and be enviromentally conscious.


Our partners

Companies that we cooperate with and that have used our products and solutions.